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Free 'Live' Online Class | Sunday 11 April 10 am

I'm really pleased to be offering another free 'live' online class next Sunday 11 April at 10 am. To access this you need to log in to my website, then click the link Here and scroll down to the channel 'live yoga class. It will also be recorded, so if you aren’t able to join in ‘live’ then you can do the class later on. This class will be in addition to the normal weekly class, and there will be no charge.

From the beginning of May I am going to run a weekly ‘live’ online class at the weekend. You can either join in live with me or each class will be saved into the ‘Live Class’ channel on my website. Each class will be £8 to join. And I'm looking forward to hopefully getting back to some face to face classes from mid May.

I hope you can join me either virtually or face to face soon.

Sending love and light.

Sarah x


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