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'Live' Online Class | Saturday 8 May 10 am

Why not escape the rain and wind tomorrow and join me for a relaxing yoga class in the morning. Join me for an hour of complete 'you' time. Light a candle, wear your Pj's, bring your blankets, and move your body. We will breathe, move intuitively, mobilise and lubricate the joints, and then enjoy a lovely relaxation snuggled under our blankets. To access this you need to log in to my website, then click the link Here and scroll down to the channel 'live yoga class. The cost for the class is £8. It will also be recorded, so if you aren’t able to join in ‘live’ then you can do the class at a time that suits you.

I hope you can join me either live or when it suits you.

Sending love and light.

Sarah x


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