Women's Health Workshop - Saturday 25th January 2020 Ibsley Village Hall. 2 pm - 5 pm.

I'm really pleased to be running a Yoga Workshop on Women's Health. This workshop is for anyone managing changing hormones, from the very first stages of peri-menopause until post-menopause. In recent years it has fortunately become more acceptable to discuss this change in a woman's life, but it can still be a very challenging time. The aim of the workshop is to give you a toolbox that you can use to help with the many different symptoms of the menopause. It will include:

*Cooling, calming breathing practices to ease hot flushes.

* Yoga postures to increase bone density, ease bloating, increase energy levels and to reconnect you with your body.

* Relaxation techniques to help relieve anxiety and insomnia

* Peer group support and discussion in a relaxed, friendly environment.

* Drinks and menopause friendly snacks will be provided.

For more information or to book, please contact me.

Thank you.

Sarah x

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