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The benefits of a hatha yoga practice are very far reaching, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally.


One of the most immediate benefits is a feeling of calm as you align your body, breath and mind.  This takes your attention away from the chaos of the outside world.


Yoga also increases your flexibility, strength and balance, leaving you with a higher fitness level and reduced risk of injury.  It can also help to heal a wide variety of health conditions. 


Hatha yoga is not limited to one particular school of Yoga such as Iyengar or Bikram.  This gives the teacher the freedom to tailor the practice to the needs of the students, rather than just practicing the same sequence repeatedly.  This enables students to experience all different aspects of yoga, including many different postures, breathing techniques, meditations and deep relaxation.


Postures can be tailored for those with injuries or limitations and meditation and relaxation has been proven to help alleviate anxiety and depression, and to generate a feeling of calm and wellbeing.  Because of this flexibility it is suitable for all people of all ages to help them lead a healthy, happy life.

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