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I can't remember the last time I felt so relaxed. The yoga sessions were wonderful and the setting just perfect, the view from the yoga platform was really lovely. We enjoyed delicious food and the accommodation was clean, comfortable and equipped with everything we needed. The facilities at Valle de Vida are great - where else would you enjoy such rural tranquility together with a pool, sauna, steam room, a wide variety of treatments, great walking opportunities and plenty of different areas to just relax. Sarah's style of yoga teaching is exactly right for me, and she really had thought of everything in organising this retreat 

Eleri's Experience of the Spanish Yoga Retreat

Ashley Heath, Ringwood

I just wanted to say an enormous thank you to you, for all the help you have given my daughter prior to her A levels.  Her stress and anxiety levels have been increasing on a daily basis until she attended your mindfulness session.  Not only were you so kind, caring and calming, but the techniques and information you gave her have been fantastic. To quote my daughter ‘you are amazing’, which is praise indeed from a hormonal eighteen year old!!  Thank you so much for all your help”.

Lucy's Mindfulness Session

Ringwood School

Yoga is something I had wanted to try for years but having had extensive spinal surgery I was worried about finding a teacher both experienced and conscientious enough to trust ... Then I found Sarah. Here I am, several years later totally in love with my hourly 'me' time. I'm stronger, more flexible, calmer and rarely need my pain relief or osteopathic visits anymore. I am somewhat astounded that I've achieved movement that I thought I would never regain, but it's my mind that’s travelled the farthest distance and it's a lovely journey. Thank you Sarah.


Bransgore, Hampshire

Three years ago my eleven year old daughter came to Sarah for some private yoga lessons due to back ache, and during some of the postures Sarah noticed that Lizzie wasn't aligned properly, and suggested that she had further investigation.  After tests, Lizzie was found to have one leg significantly longer than the other, and the start of scoliosis.  She was given a lift to wear in her shoe, and now three years on, all signs of the scoliosis have disappeared.  She still wears the lift in her shoe, but can have days off without it now.  More importantly she is pain free.  This is thanks to Sarah's observations during her Yoga sessions.  


Ringwood, Hampshire

Sarah is a fantastic teacher and has a real charisma in her classes. She is a very calming influence in the quieter more relaxing moments and her mindfulness teaching really helps to shake off the stresses of the day. In the more challenging parts of her classes she creates an environment where the more experienced pupils have the ability to both advance technically and stretch themselves physically but always makes the less experienced or less physically able pupils feel that they only need go as far as they can or want to. Her classes therefore have a wonderful, inclusive, non-judgmental, non-competitive atmosphere where you can do as much or as little as you like. Brilliant, Thanks Sarah ! 


Ringwood, Hampshire

Thank you for organising another fantastic trip and excursion.  It's much appreciated to just be able to 'go along' and not have to think too much.


This year's retreat was just that, a treat.  Such a peaceful place and the surroundings are beautiful. The freshly-cooked food and relaxed atmosphere give it a real home from home feel, w which is both welcoming and calming.  I especially enjoyed the sound bath and came to realise what a powerful effect sound has upon the mind.  All of Sarah's yoga and mindfulness meditation sessions were engaging and restorative, it's nice to have the time to do more.  I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.  Thank you! 

Rachel's Experience of the Spanish Yoga Retreat

Ringwood, Hampshire

I suffer with scoliosis and am recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). I have finally found an exercise that works for me, both physically and mentally. My core strength has improved which has eased my scoliosis symptoms and the meditation and relaxation are invaluable in my continued CFS recovery. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ringwood Yoga to others.


Ringwood, Hampshire

I have saved a fortune on chiropractic bills since joining Ringwood Yoga. One hour a week is all it takes to keep in good shape.





Tiptoe, Hampshire

I find Sarah's yoga to be invigorating, stress relieving and great exercise. Initially I felt a bit doubtful about yoga and its benefits, but attending Sarah's classes has totally opened my mind. I now cannot wait to go to class as it's become my own personal holiday with fantastic health benefits.


Ringwood, Hampshire

I honestly thought I would be the last person to enjoy yoga as I usually enjoy fast-paced exercise and I have very little patience! However, my yoga class with Sarah has become my special hour where I can switch off and totally focus on me!! It's also a way to exercise, which doesn't result in aches and pains. The gentle stretching and movement helps my back injury and the non-competitive nature of the class means I always exercise to my own level.


Ringwood, Hampshire

I look forward to yoga every week as it's like having a mini holiday. The class provides an hour of time for yourself where you can focus on learning about the capabilities of your own mind and body that you might not have discovered before. I also enjoy the spiritual side of yoga and find the information Sarah shares interesting and engaging. The yoga workshops have given me a chance to understand more about the beliefs and practices of yoga and the benefits to your health. I would certainly recommend Sarah's yoga to anyone as a form of exercise suitable for all ages and abilities.


Ringwood, Hampshire

I had a wonderful time on the Valle De Vida yoga retreat.  It was so relaxing and the location was great.  It was so tranquil you end up in a little bubble of complete relaxation.  The facilities are just right, with everything you  need, and the food was delicious.  Yoga on the platform on the hill top was a perfect way to start and end the day and the views were amazing.  Sarah had planned everything and had put a lot of thought into each yoga and mindfulness session, and the retreat as a whole.  Loved it so much I'm going again! 

Kathryn's Experience of the Spanish Yoga Retreat

St Ives, Hampshire

Thank you for a superb retreat in Valle de Vida last week.  The walk u the hill to the Ganesh platform with views of remote Spanish Plains and the sounds of the local wildlife will be my visualisation images for the next year until the next retreat.  Sarah's yoga sessions were always well thought out and varied.  The food was delicious, fresh and healthy.  The company was fun and I have a toned core more from laughter than yoga!  Can't wait for the next trip. Thank you again.

Claire's Experience of the Spanish Yoga Retreat

Ringwood, Hampshire

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Millie has been going to Sarah's after school yoga meetings for almost her entire time at the school. She absolutely loves the classes and is always keen to show us what she's learned. It's a great fun way for children to exercise, relax and learn something that can benefit them for their whole life. It's just brilliant that Sarah offers yoga tuition to children.


Ringwood, Hampshire

Alicia enjoys the playful atmosphere of your yoga classes, whilst I see them as a great way to promote gentle exercises and coordination that is so important for the healthy development of our children.


Ringwood, Hampshire

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