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Yoga at Home


Pranayama is an essential element of yoga and aims to unite and strengthen the connection between body and mind. I have recorded a wide selection of pranayama and guided meditation practices to enhance the benefits of your yoga practice. These are designed to be done after and/or before your individual yoga practice to focus your mind and help you relax. However, they are still massively beneficial if done on their own. Over time, and with consistency, hopefully you will feel more relaxed, focused, energised and able to cope with whatever life throws your way. 


Relaxation to Relieve AnxietyRingwood Yoga
00:00 / 10:09

A four-part practice to help with symptoms of anxiety, such as tight, tense muscles, shallow rapid breathing, worried thoughts and shaking or trembling. Can be used any time you are feeling overwhelmed.

Guided Meditation- By the FireRingwood Yoga
00:00 / 07:44

A warming and healing meditation focusing on the flames of a log fire. Helps to release negativity and improve energy levels.

Guided Visualisation - Favourite Place.mRingwood Yoga
00:00 / 07:10

A guided visualisation taking you on a journey to your favourite place whether it be real or purely your imagination. Using all your senses, this enables you to completely relax.

Pranayama Sama Vritti - Square Breath.m4Ringwood Yoga
00:00 / 06:50

pranayama introducing breath retention and equal length inhalation and exhalation. An excellent tool to calm a busy mind, relax the body and ease insomnia.

Dirga Pranayama- Three Part BreathRingwood Yoga
00:00 / 06:36

This therapeutic breathing exercise teaches you to breath fully using your full lung capacity. It increases your oxygen supply, removes stale air and decreases stress and anxiety, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Progressive Muscle RelaxationRingwood Yoga
00:00 / 05:37

A relaxation bringing awareness to each body part, and instructing it to let go.  This brings about a deep state of physical and mental relaxation. Also very calming for busy minds, and an aid to sleep.

Chakra Balancing RelaxationRingwood Yoga
00:00 / 07:15

A guided visualisation journeying through the Chakras.  Harmonising for the whole body, giving you back a sense of balance and helping to ground you.

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