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Hi, I'm Sarah Irwin. 


I first started yoga more than twenty years ago as a form of physical exercise and stress relief.  I was in a very demanding job and spent long hours sitting at a desk. I suffered chronic back and neck ache and I wanted something to benefit me physically and switch my mind off from my stressful day.


Almost immediately after I started practicing yoga I found that I was able to sleep better, my back and neck no longer ached and I was able to manage my stress levels much more effectively. I felt more relaxed and happy, and was far more alert and productive during my working day. 


I was so amazed by the health benefits I was experiencing that I decided to train to be a Yoga Teacher so that I could pass these techniques on to others who could also benefit.


I trained with the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) and FRYOG (Friends of Yoga Society International) and in 2009 I founded Ringwood Yoga. I am also a Registered Exercise Professional (REP).


Since then I have been fortunate enough to help many people by introducing them to the amazing power of Yoga, including children, teenagers, dancers, rugby players, ME (chronic fatigue) sufferers, and people with many types of injury or limitation. The joy for me is seeing the difference that yoga makes to their lives. 

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