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Yoga for children is a fun, full body experience. It is not like the more structured and disciplined yoga that adults undertake, yet it can form the framework for a lifelong practice which they are able to reap the benefits from at an early age.


It is a brilliant way for children to exercise in a fun, non-competitive way, to get in touch with their bodies and to learn techniques to cope in stressful situations.  It promotes relaxation and calmness through movement and breathing.


The classes are usually 30-45 minutes in length. They incorporate songs, games, breathing techniques and stories that the children participate in.  The classes end with a relaxation to completely calm the children down and help them to absorb the benefits of their yoga practice.


I am currently teaching children at an after school club, which is very popular.  I am also happy to run one to one sessions or small groups in your home and even offer family sessions, allowing you to reconnect with each other, become more flexible, have fun together and learn some valuable relaxation techniques that you can use outside the classes.


For more information, please contact me.

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