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Throughout the year I run a variety of workshops focusing on deepening your knowledge and understanding of all aspects of yoga and wellbeing. I cover a range of topics including:


  • Detox your mind and body

  • The Chakras and balancing your energy flow

  • Doshas, exercise and diet for your body type

  • Cultivating gratitude and happiness

  • Yoga as an alternative medicine

  • Yoga for healthy backs

  • Yoga for women’s health

  • Yoga for Asthma and improved breathing

  • Mindfulness



Mindfulness Workshop
Group Yoga Session
Women's Health Workshop
Saturday 25th January 2020  2 pm - 5 pm
Ibsley Village Hall, Ibsley. BH24 3NL

A Yoga Workshop to help women managing any stage of the Menopause

  • Cooling, calming breathing practices to ease hot flushes.  

  • Yoga postures to increase bone density, ease bloating, increase energy levels and to reconnect you with your body.

  • Relaxation techniques to help relieve anxiety and insomnia

  • Peer group support and discussion in a relaxed, friendly environment.

  • Drinks and menopause friendly snacks will be provided.

  • Suitable for all levels including beginners.

  • Payment of £25 will secure your space.


Please bring a yoga mat and  blanket.

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