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Music for your home yoga practice | Spotify Playlist

I love listening to music during my practice and I know how personal the choice is, so I have purposely recorded my videos without music so that you can add in your own sound track depending on how you feel.

If you're stuck for ideas, I've created this Spotify playlist that works brilliantly with this term's classes. It's all instrumental, relaxing music that you can listen to any time, not just during your practice. Many of the tracks are connected to our theme of 'Emotions', with titles including 'Okay to feel', 'Acceptance', 'Strength from inside' and 'Trust the Universe'.

Enjoy this selection any time you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, struggling to sleep or when you simply want to take a break.

What do you enjoy listening to during yoga? Let me know in the comments section or even share your own yoga playlist!


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