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Sun Salutation | Boost Energy

With the clocks changing, we now have a gorgeous extra hour of light, and tend to do more in the evenings as they get lighter. I love going for an evening dog walk and watching the sunset.

We tend to be on the go for longer so need to increase our energy levels. Sun Salutation is traditionally done at this time of you as it boosts our energy, and gets our creaky body's moving again.

Sun Salutation is a beautiful yoga flow of 12 postures which both ground and energise the body. You can adapt your Sun Salutation to suit you and how your body is feeling at present.

I have attached a link to a video breaking down Sun Salutations in my You tube channel for you to try which slows them down and gives different options. Here.

You may have your own version of Sun Salutation, if so feel free to enjoy that. I'd love to hear about any different variations. Start with 2 or 3 rounds and build up to more when you are ready.

Sun Salutations are lovely to practice outside, and with the beautiful weather we are having this week, it may be a great opportunity to take your yoga mat outside and give them a go.

Sending love and light.

Sarah x


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