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Recovery from Covid 19: Free class | Sunday 5 September 4 pm

I'm going to run an online gentle yoga class tomorrow at 4 pm. This is for those recovering from Covid 19 or anyone who would just like a gentle restorative class. There will be no charge for this class. If you aren't able to join in live, it will be saved to Youtube, so you can do the class at a time that suits you.

You will be able to see me, but don't worry I won't be able to see you, so feel free to wear your pyjamas or anything else comfortable.

Recovery from covid 19 isn't a linear process, and the symptoms are different for everyone, so just do what you can, even if that is simply joining in the relaxation from your bed. The isolation period can also be really challenging, so this is as much about your emotional and mental well-being as your physical recovery.

We will be bringing gentle movement into the body, using breathing practices to open the airways and build immunity, and relaxation to promote healing and recovery.

If you don't have a yoga mat, use a blanket, duvet or whatever is to hand.

To access this free class please click on this link Here and scroll down to the channel 'live yoga class.

It will also be recorded, and saved to youtube, where there are also lots of other free videos of yoga classes for you to try.

Please feel free to share this with anyone else who may benefit from it.

I hope you can join me virtually or face to face soon.

Sending love and light and get well wishes.

Sarah x

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