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Warrior Training | The perfect flow for strength and empowerment

Dancing Warrior was originally designed by Shiva Rea in the 1990’s. It’s a lovely dynamic flow that generates heat in the body, and includes 4 standing postures as well as flowing between down dog, plank and a back bend.

These standing postures remind us to find our roots and stand strong. Warrior postures challenge us, and allow us to ride through challenges using our breath and our own strength. The whole flow gives us focus, training us to harness the mind into our practice rather than listening to all the monkey chatter in our heads.

I have included a work flow for you so that you can practice this wonderful flow at home. The worksheet takes you through the flow, step by step. You can download it here.

Feel free to vary the practice, moving quickly between the postures to really generate heat, or holding the postures to focus on strength and grounding. As always if a posture doesn’t feel right for you, just leave it out. For example, if plank is too strong, then drop to the knees, or take a cat breath instead. Choose your backbend, a gentle sphinx or a more dynamic cobra. Always working within your own body’s limitations.

Make this practice your own, and enjoy it.

Workflow credit: Shiva Rea.


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